Saturday, October 14, 2006

SukanTara 2008

"To commemorate the days of our youth, a sports event to be known as SUKAN TARA 2008 will be held as follows :

Event : SUKAN TARA 2008

Date : TBA (but obviously in 2008 la, duhh)

Venue : Padang Big School (confirmed)/Bukit Merah Laketown Resort (TBC)

Among the objectives of the event are :

i. To stage a repeat of the high jump event between kandaq, joe & bobo (idris house mana????)

ii. To give the chance to badut to prove that he can beat syam in the sprint event (idris house mana???)

iii. To give the chance to fadhil to disprove wong's allegation that he deliberately fell during the 100m event (idris house mana???)

iv. To stage another 8x100m relay event (this will be the final event!!!!!)

and last but not least :

v. To prove the behind-the-back whispers that have been going on since 1994 that Idris House should not have won the Championship then.

So, start preparing from now. Mark your calendars. Get your licences. Those who don't have to get any licences, jgn la pulak time ni nak pi cari orang nak bagi lesen. Gear yourselves up.

Attendance are compulsory. No excuses.


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abu_harraz said...

kalau nak jadi admin kena adil la...

-seorang idrisian bukan idrisiahan-

enche' mohd shah said...

admin apa?

abu_harraz said...

admin blog aaa...

apa kutuk2 idris ni?
tak baik tau...nak amik gambar koleq amik kat dorm2 idris, tapi kutuk2 idris....tapi biasa la..champion memang slalu kena cam tu..orang dengki, inferior dsb

nanti tak kasik amik gambar baru tau

kawaii_desu said...

Sukan Tara? Well... many of u guys yg dah belly hanging over the belt, so... cant imagine u guys in action haha...

as always, sorry to interrupt again