Thursday, October 25, 2007


Dear All,

Chibix amanatkan aku untuk jemput korang ke rumah terbuka beliau di alamat & tarikh seperti berikut :

Alamat : 41, Jlan USJ 9/3E, USJ 9, Subang Jaya
[landmark : dekat TaiPan, Victoria Station, Mydin Mall, Masjid Al Falak]

Tarikh : 27 Oktober 2007, Sabtu

Masa : Tengahari

Lain2 maklumat, boleh hubungi no 0132048400. Jemputan ini adalah untuk semua (termasuk junior2 yang pernah dinodai beliau yang singgah di Foyer) dan tidak terhad kepada Ahli Class of 94 sahaja.

Sekian, harap maklum.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ruff's Open House (CANCELLED) & Tahlil untuk Arwah Shahrol

Dear All,

Just received call from Ruff.

1. Please be informed that OPEN HOUSE CLASS OF '94 @ RUFF'S is CANCELLED/POSTPONED until further notice for reason already known to all of us.

2. Satu majlis tahlil untuk arwah Shahrol akan diadakan pada AHAD, 28 OKTOBER 2007 JAM 8 MALAM di rumah RUFF. Semua dijemput hadir.

Harap maklum.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Pada tengah hari tadi, bakal pengantin terbaru kita, yakni Haji Auzir telah mengadakan kenduri kesyukuran di kedai mamak precint 9 putrajaya sempena pertunangan beliau pada 20 Oct lepas.
Majlis ad hoc tadi dihadiri oleh Zack cum crisis management specialist, W4W4 the l33t h@x0r, Epit the "I'll see you in court" dan aku sendiri yg takde nama glemer. Hadirin kenduri tadi mendapati wajah auzir amat berseri seri dengan tahap melampau sehingga jerawatnya pudar tidak kelihatan. Walaubagaimanapun, hasil analisa suara Haji oleh W4W4, didapati Zack sedang bersedih kerana baru menghantar kekasihnya ke luar negara utk tugasan tertentu. Namun zack tetap bersemangat dan girang menunggu hari bahagianya tidak lama lagi.

Dikepilkan beberapa keping gambar yang sudah pasti akan menjadi kenangan abadi untuk tatapan anda yg tidak dapat hadir. Tiada special effect di atas gambar gambar tersebut. Memang Zack penuh dengan cahaya tadi sampai silau camera aku yg murah itu.

Sekian laporan hari ini.

Wartawan Lapangan, Evil Dr.M


Aku ada pengalaman bukak clamp.

Beberapa cara kat sini:

1. ada banyak jenis clamp tapi mostly kat malaysia, kalau kau buang angin tayar, then dia akan jadi loose and boleh tarik clamp tu keluar. (3 spoke clamp)

2. bawak screwdriver and bukak screws kat clamp. (ni clamp yang murah)

3. selamber nya ketuk mangga dengan hammer sampai terkeluar mangga clamp tuh. kalau orang yang clamp tu datang and marah, cakap tak sengaja.

4. bawak battery powered drill dalam kereta untuk drill clamp tuh sampai terbukak.

5. untuk clamp yang mahal, beli satu clamp mahal yang baru, then kunci dia agak similar dan boleh bukak.

6. dari bayar fine untuk bukak clamp, baik pakai duit tu untuk bayar locksmith datang bukak. cheaper and at least kau boleh bawak balik clamp tu untuk clamp kereta orang lain yang park tak tentu pasal.

7. bayar saman kena clamp, call pokpek minta refund and damage fees from clamper sebab tayar rosak and due from that, kereta pun rosak, alignment lari, bla bla bla.

Oleh : Syed Khalid Al Juned, Sulaiman House

Monday, October 22, 2007


Dear friends

Our beloved friend, Sdr Shahrol Nizam Yusoff (Class of 93) has passed away this morning at 6 at him home in Ampang. I am still in Vietnam and have been calling but his neighbour confirmed the news, the jenazah will be taken to Pokok Sena this afternoon.

Maybe those who want the information can try to contact Dr Azlan Majid (Class of 94) or Syahril Nizam Jumaili (Class of 93) - you would have their no's, to find out the arrangement.

Allahyarham is the closest I have to a brother in koleq and the last time I met him was one week before Raya, when we and a few close friends from koleq had a potluck bukak puasa at my place. His family is still young with 3 kids - most of us are still trying to make sense of this.

I should be back by this petang so I should get more details - please feel free to call by then.




Kepada sesiapa yang ingin menyumbang kepada keluarga beliau, sila salurkan bantuan anda kepada akaun Sdr Rafizi Ramli atau aku sendiri (ezam). Refer acc. no dlm group email atau call.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

BREAKING NEWS : Auzir is engaged!!!

Breaking news. One of the more enigmatic members of our batch was engaged yesterday (20th of October 2007). Insya Allah, the walimatul urus will be held somewhere in January '08 in his parents' house in Jawang, Sg. Siput, Perak.

Congratulations from all of us. We are looking forward for the big day.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Ahead of the times


Guitarist Loque chats about Butterfingers, his solo project and life as a student in the United States.

In every lifetime, an artiste – group or individual – takes the music industry by storm and feeds an audience with a ravenous appetite for all things original and wholesome. Butterfingers, Malaysia’s answer to Seattle’s Nirvana, was that band in the mid 1990s, churning out a blend of rock that struck a chord with listeners who were sick of the fast-food R&B and senseless dance tunes choking the airwaves then.

While the turn of the century captured the band at the height of its popularity with the classic album Transcendence, like everything else in the music industry, changing times and trends were not as kind to the band. But by sticking to its guns, Butterfingers has remained at the top of its game. The band is clearly in a different headspace at the moment and it is currently in the midst of working on its sixth studio album, the follow up to 2004’s Selamat Tinggal Dunia.

Music is his master: Loque is guided by a creative demon and wants to take his music as far as it can go.

Guitarist Loque, however, not only has the band’s upcoming album in mind. Over the course of a few teh tariks and teh-o limaus, the axeman – officially known as Khairil Ridzwan Annuar – revealed the band’s plans for world domination ... well, not quite.“Buying power in the music industry has reduced and our label EMI has told us so, too. The new album’s working title is Kembali. At the moment, we’re looking at the album being something a little unconventional, as in, it may not be a physical product that people can buy in shops, but perhaps a download or something. We’re not too sure yet, but we may just complete a couple of tracks first and make them available for downloading,” he revealed.

Musically, the album will see some common ground revisited and some newer territories charted.

“Taking off from where Selamat Tinggal Dunia left off, it will see a deliberately stronger commercial slant. The band has definitely passed its novelty stage and I think we’ve had enough of being different. Realistically, you need more fans to make a difference and we’re taking this chance to appeal to a wider audience,” he added.

Although the band is comfortable in its own skin, there are no signs of the Butterfingers beast mellowing.

Apart from what’s happening with the band, the most significant change in Loque’s life at the moment has to be college life. The guitarist is currently enrolled at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, United States, where he’s taking it all in like it never was possible in Malaysia. But why opt for a college education in music at this point in his life? Why crawl when you can run?

“Musicians need to have the tools and learn the language. Every musician needs to have at least a little theoretical knowledge ... it really opens the doors if you want to become a better musician. I want to know the entire gamut of the music-making process.”

And while Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton were not known to have taken music lessons to become the iconic figures they have, Loque still feels opportunities abound with a music education. “It opens doors for the creative process and provides options for networking. I would like to challenge myself ... test myself on a world stage. I was definitely stuck before.”

Above all else though, it’s the environment Loque finds himself in which has contributed most significantly to his growth as a musician. “The mindset there is different. It’s how they think and value knowledge, how they treat it and use it, which is very different from us. It affects their character, ultimately allowing them to become more knowledgeable.

“In Boston, there are no tall buildings. They’re minds are taller but we can definitely challenge and perhaps even be better than them. Firstly though, we have to be rid of our inferiority complex and that’s something the Japanese and Koreans have been doing successfully.”

Does that in anyway suggest that a band of Butterfingers’ pedigree could make it in the land of opportunity? “Yes, we certainly could, but we would definitely need the money, and not for three weeks, but for a few years at least. You have to be prepared to do this fulltime. Being in Berklee has made me realise this. The bands there play for the sake of playing, and not merely for the audience.”

Having been a part of the Malaysian rock community for more than a decade now, Loque (who turns 30 in November) certainly qualifies to comment on the scene.

“The situation is definitely getting better. Because musicians are more conscious these days, they have become knowledgeable on sound and equipment, too.”

He cites They Will Kill Us All and Seven Collar T-Shirt as being the cream of the crop in our homegrown scene.

Every musician worth his salt does what he does for two fundamental reasons – acceptance and appreciation. And when that happens, it can be one of the sweetest moments in his career. “It’s really nice when people come up to me and say that they used to listen to Butterfingers during their school-going days ... and even now when they’re adults and have settled down. It’s great that the band has reached out significantly and cut across racial barriers.”

While Butterfingers continues to forge ahead with a new album that proudly exhibits its Malaysian roots and love for the national language, it has also left a body of work that stands tall on many merits.

“We’d like to be remembered as a band that made changes and was ahead of its time, like putting feedback on our first album. For now, we’d like to promote the national language. Personally though, I’d like to be remembered not just as a guitarist, but as a musician who was willing to try something different.”

On the solo side of things, Loque’s musical direction is a little left of the middle. “I’m certainly doing some things that are quite different. It’s a place to be away from all things Butterfingers, though the boys from the band will be backing me. It’ll revolve a lot more around electronic equipment and music synthesis, which is what I’m studying.”

A parting note from a seasoned veteran Loque: “Believe in what you do. Don’t regret or look back. Be original and don’t allow yourself to feel inferior. And it’s not just about the music, especially in Malaysia, where to be successful, networking matters big time.”

Transcendence has been firmly etched in the annals of Malaysian rock, but the chapters Butterfingers and Loque are continuing to write may echo well into the future of local music culture.

[This article was originally published in The Star on 21 September 2007]

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Sama mcm rough punye...

Format : ala warta KPKM

try lagi 100,..... hmm 100 kacang je bg korang ni , lets make it 200 !

Sapa post dedikasi last skali sblm buka puasa last skali (7.03 pm) sblm raya dapat 10 points.
So jgn anonymous sgt.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Dan ucapan raya paling jue pada tahun ini jatuh kepada...BADUT !!!

Salam Raya dari Korea

arulhaizal a.k.a aleng, roleng, roleng star commando, rowleng and the star command (ada urban legend tu, kalu dia berdehem je dari dalam kelambu, konco2 dia akan tutup lampu dorm walaupun belum lights off)

"Roleng Star Commando - Juga diberi nama jolokan 'Luke Perry Beverly Hills 90210' disebabkan sideburn beliau yang bercorak simmetri seiras dengan kepunyaan Luke Perry, jejaka hunk tampan ketika itu." - toy

- separated at birth

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blast-Off !!

Soyuz TMA-11
Baikonur Cosmodrome


Guys,sempena raya ni, aku menjejak kasih dengan hanip kat sarawak nun...hp dia : 019-4398073.

And before aku balik malam ni, aku nak mintak ampun dan maaf kepada korng semua, batch 9094, kalau ada terkasar bahasa, ada terkurang masa sesi penganjuran bowling, ada termakan terminum, tercilok barang kat railing etc, semuanya datang dari diri aku sendiri. mohon maaf zahir dan batin.doakan semoga selamat perjalanan aku pergi dan balik...kalau sesapa yg ada kesempatan, jemput2 la datang ke rumah aku di 18, jalan BM5/19, Bandar Bukit Mahkota, Kajang, selangor.boleh jamak pergi rumah hairul sekali nanti.

Mohd Masrul Mohd Nazir Jawawi
Nor Asmah Daud
Nurin Dayana Mohd Masrul
Muhammad Izz Wafi Mohd Masrul


Di hari baik bulan mulia ini, aku dan keluarga pertama-tamanya ingin memohon kemaafan kepada rakan taulan sekalian. Pohon halal termakan terminum, pohon ampunkan terkata terhina terkeji dan tercela. Maklumlah, lidah sama panjang, mulut lain-lain. Apalah erti kawan kalau tidak saling bermaafan, halal menghalalkan. Kepada sahabat yang sering menjadi sasaran umpatan (mattop, la'ba, nik van breda,gondolfi etc etc) jangan simpan di dalam peti ya. Tiada cerialah alam maya tanpa gurau senda.

Kepada mereka yang pulang ke kampung memandu laju, berhati-hati terhadap ancaman polis trafik. Periksa kenderaan anda, pastikan ia selamat untuk dipandu laju.Jangan lupa, printkan cara nak jumpstart enjin setelah anda googlekan maklumat tersebut.

Kepada mereka yang jauh nun diperantauan, aku doakan agar turut gembira menyambut aidilfitri bersama bangsa asing di bumi asing. Kitorang pun terasa beraya di bumi asing sekarang ni. Muar dah tentu dipenuhi dengan saudara seislam kita baik dari nepal, bangladesh, myanmar, indon, nigeria dan lain2. Menara klcc apatah lagi.

Moga panjang umur, kita jumpa di rumah Ezam dan TMP pada perayaan rumah terbuka hari raya batch disfungsi kita.

A.M.C.U, I.G...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Takziah Rifdy

"my grandfather just passed away..
minta jasa baik kawan2 sedekah al-fatihah utk arwah atuk aku..
most prob akan dikebumikan di kuala kangsar...."


on his promotion as the
Financial Controller for Asia Pacific & Middle East
(APME) for GE Oil & Gas

kami amatlah berbangga dan kagum

dengan ini joke kismis fadli di-ban-kan dlm group

penpal cum bedmate fadli tu sepatutnya jadi ofismate GE jugak, tapi kerana beban tugas sukarela amik order nasi dulu , dia telah berkorban utk batch. beliau (aiwa) juga selalu bertugas dgn controller2 ni, controller ps2....maaf ZB

Monday, October 08, 2007


Ada satu kejadian yang menggambarkan kepentingan Pica makan kismis sebagai ganti nasi.

Excerpt perbualan, lebih kurang;


Rough : Jgn buat mcm bochap, nama Cikgu Umi pun kena...

Pica : Eh, apa nama betul cikgu Ummi yek?

H : Aku tak ingat sgt, tapi mungkin...

Pica : Aaa, Umi Hafilda rasanya...

H : Mana ada, aku rasa Ummi Kalthum la. Ummi Hafilda tu kes Anwar (dlm hati: tak per sebab dia tak pernah ajar aku dgn Pica, so terlupa nama penuh tu masih forgivable)


Pica : Nik kat mana skrg?

H : Nik kat Van Breda, aku tak sure dia kat holland ke kat KL skrg.

Pica : kat Holland? Kak Salmah tak ikut sekali ke?

H: Sapa?(Sambil meningkatkan kelajuan processor pada pukul 2 pagi, memikirkan sapa kak salmah ni?)

Pica : Kak Salmah tak ikut sekali ke? (soalan diulang sambil gelak kow kow)

H : Kak Ramlah la, bukan Kak Salmah!!! (Tergolek gelak, sebab baru faham dia try buat lawak, salah plak tu)

Pica lantas menutup muka sambil memohon belas kasihan agar tidak diberitahu kepada member batch lain (silap la kalau nak harap benda ni boleh jadi rahsia - Ed.)

So, sapa nak buat bisnes kismis dgn Pica, jgn lupa komisyen aku. Gila aaahhh, benda yang affect kita satu batch mcm ni selama beberapa tahu pun dia boleh lupa!!!

-sanad La'ba a.k.a H-

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Alhamdulillah setelah berminggu membuat persiapan, jemputan dan beratus-ratus sms membujuk, PESTA SAHUR CLASS OF 94 telah selesai dengan jayanya malam semalam.

Ahli Class of 94 yang hadir adalah seperti berikut :

1. epit
2. ezrin
3. zaman
4. mpro
5. fadli
6. fadhil
7. kalai
8. mongger
9. dayat
10. la'ba
11. ruf
12. pejal
13. toy
14. kadak
15. mattop
16. aiwa
17. foo
18. gabye
19. ayien
20. pica
21. tunkid

Yang pertama sampai adalah penganjur diikuti fadli. Fadli telah cuba menghasut Penganjur untuk mengubah lokasi pesta sahur ke Uncle Chilli's yang sedang rancak mendendangkan lagu YMCA (Village People). Sempat juga Penganjur & fadli bergoyang di situ 2,3 minit sebelum penganjur ingatkan fadli bahawa Syeikh Ezrin on the way.

Seterusnya, Syeikh Ezrin & Zaman sampai bersama-sama Dennis Stepanenko (sahabat Syeikh Ezrin) dan juga Suresh daripada India. Sdr Mpro menyusul tak berapa lama kemudian.

Pihak Hilton PJ telah menempatkan kita di sudut yang agak eksklusif. Kerusi empuk, meja besar dan hiasan cantik merupakan petanda awal bahawa Pesta Sahur ini akan berjaya.

Seterusnya, ahli Class of 94 datang berbondong-bondong hingga tidak dapat lagi dipastikan turutan kehadiran. Tapi yang pasti, Toy paling lambat sampai kerana belon beliau dari Sarawak telah lambat sampai & kesesakan jalanraya di Desa Petaling memburukkan lagi keadaan. Toy sampai tepat jam 2.45 pagi. Tapi semangat beliau tetap tinggi.

Yang pasti, agenda makan tidak lagi menjadi agenda utama. Perhimpunan diserikan dengan hilai tawa dan acara tumbuk rusuk antara yang hadir. Ramai juga yang mengambil peluang bertanya khabar dan mencari peluang "pelaburan". Teka-teki "Siapakah MIAW?" juga telah diselesaikan malam tadi.

Majlis bersurai tepat jam 4.30 pagi. Itupun setelah pekerja PJ Hilton mula mundar-mandir sambil memberikan jelingan tajam kepada Kalai. Majlis persuraian diserikan dengan upacara bergambar, bersalaman & bermaafan.

Special Mention :

1. Terima kasih kepada Mpro, Toy dan Fadhil yang datang dari Melaka, Sarawak dan Ipoh semata-mata untuk menyertai sesi ukhwah ini.
2. Terima kasih kepada semua yang hadir yang sudi mendermakan lebihan wang kepada Projek MigDuck. Jumlah kutipan semalam adalah RM60.00.
3.Terima kasih kepada Toy yang membawa ole2 daripada Sarawak untuk semua yang hadir (rugi la korang sapa yang tak datang).

Perkara Berkaitan Pesta Sahur semalam

1. Sdr Cop telah ditimpa musibah dalam perjalanan untuk ke Pesta Sahur. Sebuah motosikal yang dipandu laju telah terbabas akibat hendak mengelak Cop. Sdr Scoppo tak cedera tapi kepala mat rempit tu hampir pecah tiga sekiranya Cop tidak tangkas bertindak.

2. Jita dah overslept sebab tu dia tak sampai semalam. itu kata dia la...

3. Majoriti yang hadir semalam kata makanan lousy & tidak direplenish ( nasib baik Hj Bochap tak datang).

4. Monger sampai migraine sebab cuba recall sapa Dayat - sampai kiamat la tak ingat, si monger mana kenal si dayat, penembak lagenda Class of 94. Bahawa kejadian itu berlaku di depan Aiwa hanya memburukkan lagi migraine Monger.

5. PJ Hilton gila berkira. dah bawa 22 orang pun tak boleh bagi 1-2 pax free.


Thursday, October 04, 2007


Assalaamu'alaikum Semua

This is a polite reminder.

All Muslims must pay Zakat - as per qualification & Nisab.

The Nisab this year is approx. RM6722 in this month of Ramadhan.

This means, if you choose your Zakat year from Ramadhan 1417 to Ramadhan 1418, and throughout that period, if your collective unused Asset amount is equal to RM6722 or more, then you must pay Zakat.

Hence, if you have savings RM5000 you don't need to pay Zakat ( - because less than Nisab of RM6722 approx). If you have savings RM10,000, then your Zakat = 2.5% x 10,000 = RM250 for the Islamic year.

For those in KL and surrounding region, FYI - PPZ (Pusat Pungutan Zakat) offer services seven-days-per-week at specified places including Masjid Negara etc.

Even better, kalau ada kekuatan, can go yourself to rural areas and give the Zakat amount in original staple food form i.e. beras.

Please be aware that Zakat Fitrah and Zakat Harta is not the same. The little amount paid on Hari Raya does not encompass full Zakat if you qualify as per Nisab.

The technical reason as to why Ramadhan is preferred over other months to pay Zakat is because it is easy to remember i.e. every Islamic lunar calendar year. You may also choose Sha'aban to Sha'aban, Syawal to Syawal etc kalau nak.



2nd Hand Honda Rims For Sale


aku nak jual barang 2ndhand keter skit:

Rims honda accord euro-R (CL1)
Size = 16"
PCD = 114 x 5 holes
Offset = +55
Price = RM1100 (boleh nego lagi..)

Other info:
1) Made in Japan (dah keter die pun JDM, takkan rims nak import dari siam plak)
2) Ringan (gadap boleh angkat dgn k*n*k die mcm kadax selalu buat guna songkok masa prep malam kat 5Sc4)
3) Attached pix is the real rims (dari website seller die - aku beli w/o the tyres psl dah botak giler.. price around that gak laa..)

Reason for selling:
Silap strategi membeli (aku beli awal bulan arituh.. tak pakai lagi)

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007



Pada suatu malam, 3 ekor pontianak sedang bertenggek di atas pokok sambil bergaduh tentang kehebatan masing-masing. Ketiga-tiga mengaku diri mereka hebat. Untuk menentukan siapa paling hebat mereka pun bersetuju membuktikan kehebatan masing-masing .

Pontianak A terbang dengan sepantas kilat. 15 saat kemudian, dia balik semula ke pokok tersebut. Kelihatan ada kesan-kesan darah di sekitar gigi.

Pontianak A : Kau orang nampak rumah tu?
Pontianak B : Nampak.
Pontianak C : Nampak.
Pontianak A : Satu rumah tu habis aku kerjakan.

Pontianak B pula terbang lebih pantas dari Pontianak A . 10 saat kemudian, dia balik semula ke pokok tersebut. Kelihatan ada darah bukan setakat pada gigi, malah pada keseluruhan mulut pontianak tersebut.

Pontianak B : Kau orang nampak kampung tu?
Pontianak A : Nampak!
Pontianak C : Nampak!
Pontianak B : Habis satu kampung tu aku kerjakan.

Sejurus lepas itu Pontianak C pula terbang lebih pantas dari Pontianak A dan B . Dalam masa 5 saat je dia kembali ke pokok tersebut. Kelihatan darah mengalir-ngalir bukan sahaja pada mulut, malah pada keseluruhan muka pontianak tersebut.

Pontianak C : Kau orang nampak tembok kat hujung sana tu?
Pontianak A : Nampak!
Pontianak B : Nampak!
Pontianak C : Err... tadi aku tak nampak...


Selamat Berpuasa '94. Jumpak kelak di Pesta Sahur...

-diceritakan semula Ly Chee Peng-