Sunday, April 22, 2007 Register Your Email and Subdomain for Your Websites

In the speret of 'UNITE FEKT', a domain name, has been officially registered and sponsored by a generous batch member, Encik Nik Azhar Zamiri.

Therefore, we would like to extend the facilities of this domain to all members of Batch 9094 whereby you can have your own preferable email address with '' and unique URL address to your personal Website/Blog/Photo address under the subdomain of ''.

For those interested, please contact or email one of AJK :

    1. nik azhar: nik[at]
    2. awie: awie[at]
    3. radin: radin[at]

with the details as listed below:-

    1. Email Username : (for example: your fullname – or your no. dobi –; or nickname awie[at] or whatever)
    2. Password : (we shall provide you the temporary one, you will need to enter your own password (new password) during your first logon at the email website;
    3. Account Name : (Your full name)

Each email account will come with a 2 gigabytes of storage and using a user-friendly interface of gmail (google mail). Other extensions of this email account that you can add are :

    1. Register as many secondary email addresses with as you wish, which can be associated with your main account. You can have your many nicknames (if people know you with multiple nicknames la) register as for example :, la’, or So people can email La’ba with any of these email address and he can received them through his main account of
    2. Setup your account to automatically download all your emails from other email accounts (office, gmail and yahoomail) and read them in your account.
    3. Setup your account to automatically forward all your emails to your active email mailbox (so that you won’t waste time to logon other email accounts and you still can received all emails in one email client).
    4. Download emails to your email client software ie. Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Mail.

    (If you need any assistance on the email account setup, please contact AJK )


Please contact or email one of AJK :

    1) nik azhar: nik[at]
    2) awie: awie[at]
    3) radin: radin[at]

with the details as listed below:-

    1) Your website/blog/photo address; URL http://
    2) Your preferable subdomain:
    (ie. or or
    3) Your website title:
    4) Your website description:
    (enter the keywords that are emphasized within your website in order to improve search engine ranking, such as, Example of keywords : Koleq, Malay College etc.)

    5) Subdomain setting : a) URL Frame b) URL Redirect

    What is the meaning of the term "URL REDIRECT"?
    With URL REDIRECT, when someone types your domain name, for example,, we transfer them to your website and when they get there, they see the entire URL path to where your website is actually hosted, for example,

    What is the meaning of the term "URL FRAME"?
    With URL FRAME, when someone types in your domain name, for example,, and they get to your website they only see your domain name in the browser address bar is


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