Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Malay College Needs Your Help!

Dear Friends,

I went to our beloved college last weekend to have a meeting with a number of present boys regarding their F1 In School Competition. From that 2 hours session and first time meeting them, in general i think the boys need a lot of help especially with budget and technical matters. I can assists them in terms of the technical matters (and i do encourage anybody who wants to chip in and contribute to contact me, i.e. the likes of MTOP, FAZ, CHAMP and those automotive engineers out there, do we have aircraft/aerospace engineers in our batch? Academicians can also contribute) but for budget, we need to work something out to assists these boys. In terms of target, since in last year's competition, everything was done in a hurry therefore the result was not that good. For this year's target, i think they should at least be the first in zon tgh which comprise of schools from Perak, Selangor and WP (and this includes last year's champion for zon tgh and national level, Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS)). Come on guys, MCKK losing to SAS is like being Gadap but without the K**EK part. Badly need to improve on this. The two important factors that i've seen will contribute to success is technical capability and budget (just like the real F1 competition, those with bigger budget can actually invest more on the technical capability and build better car and team, e.g. Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes and BMW Sauber)

According to the competition regulation, the F1 in school team (there's two teams this year) has to look for budget themselves. Last year they have the likes of MISC (RM5000) and other small organisations contributing to their budget. This year, the boys have to start all over again and source for budget. I would want to invite you guys who have been very sucessfull in your life to contribute either through your own company or 9094 F1 Fund. Whoever is interested to do this, please inform me either through this mailing list or @ 019-2214922. Kalau nak sponsor through company, please provide the contact no for the PIC in your respective companies, fax number, the company name and company address. The boys will contact them officially.

What's in it for you guys? Well, on top of contributing back to MCKK (sebagai membalas jasa2), you can gain marketing advantages by having your company logo on the official F1 team suit/uniform. If the boys win this year, we will have bragging rights for the years to come he he he. Ok then, adios. Hope to hear good news soon.

Thanks for reading.

from SYAM
(Kepala F1 Lantikan Sendiri)

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