Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Dear all

Sukantara is coming for real, so let's gear up. For a start, the first meeting of self-appointed and self-assuming AJK (mostly dominated by Leman) will be convened this Thursday on 29th November; to make way for Awie Tuan Mod all the way from Ganung.

Agenda-agenda utama yang akan dibincangkan:

- accommodation
- treasure hunt di kk
- main events of sukantara di Padang Big School
- reunion dinner
- performance giler2 masa reunion dinner
- lucky draw dengn random no generator aku
- long service award kat cikgu2 yang dah >10 years

Among benda urgent yang perlu diconfirm:

- bookings of accommodation & Dewan Merdeka (tempat selalu ada wedding Indians tu ha ha)
- attendance
- participation in sukantara
- performance
- goodie bag and souvenir
- design baju
- trophies and medals

Hopefully we can confirm on the estimate of everything; and confirm how much each should chip in. Some of us will chip in more than others definitely - so sapa2 yang rasa generous and thought the money is worth spent on your friends who will remember you most when kau dah tak de nanti, then by all means. After Shahrol's gone and now Benan quickly decaying and wasting away from illnesses, I realised how much we undervalue friendships or how much we never realise what we mean to each other.

After all - what is our daily life without this mailing list - the jokes, the spamming, the ridicule day in day out that keep our sanity by providing some laughters in this really depressing world. Imagine one day we don't have this mailing list - Bochap aku confirm kena masuk tampoi!

It's in that spirit that we shall have the sukantara reunion - to honour close to 2 decades of laughters that we had had; usually by laughing at ourselves or each other. Bukan nak menunjuk, bukan nak anything - but to spend time with people who are in all sense of words are our families.

Expected attendance at the self-appointed meeting 29/11:

- Ruff
- Epit
- Radin
- Mttoppo
- Awie
- Idzam

Sapa2 lagi nak join? Epit, kita dah set kan the venue and time belum? My schedule is going to be 7 day a week 15 hours a day for the next one month - so we need to set the task immediately so that everyone will work on our own :-)


kawaii_desu said...

Rumah Sulaiman sangat bersungguh2

abe cikanoz.. said...

itu baru rumah leman, belum rumah api lagi, rumah sakit, rumah pasung, rumah anak yatim, rumah orang tua,hatta rumah hantu atau rumah mayat sekalipun...

Pemandu Keretapi Malam said...
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atendan ketapi malam said...

epit,nape kau delete comment lawatan ke amci?