Friday, August 04, 2006

Printer for Yassin, Donations

Dear all

I got a call from Samhong semalam. He asks for our help - koleq is doing the annual tahlil, sembahyang hajat and doa mintak terang hati budak2 yang nak sit for SPM and PMR, scheduled on 6 September 2006. Koleq wants to print 1,000 naskhah Surah Yassin, with a special doa to be printed.

So 2 things Samhong mintak tolong:

1) To check on the printer and printing cost, how much is per naskhah. Since it's surah Yassin, I thought a special licensed printer je yang buleh buat benda ni? Anyone can help me to point to the right direction? Someone mentioned this can be done by many shops dekat Jalan Masjid India. Betul ke, anyone can confirm?

2) I also have to raise money to pay for it, maybe I'll try my shot with some old boys companies or old boys I know of. But perhaps as a start, can I get any contributors from among us? Then I can guess how much else I have to raise.

Please get back to me quickly as I have to get back to koleq cepat, by the end of next week (ha ha kang tak de Yassin, budak2 tu flunk ex-pres BRU kena blame lagi ha ha ha).

Thanks - at least aku start pagi Jumaat not with bitching ha ha ha

ps: Please contact Rough (017 328 5000) or if you have info :-)

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